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BioMicrobics has grown from one product focused on single-family, decentralized wastewater treatment into a multi-faceted corporation. 

Established in 1996, we are a global leader to provide advanced wastewater, water, greywater, and stormwater filtration treatment systems serving diverse markets.  With distributors in more than 70 countries and more than 65,000 installations worldwide, we provide end-clients with high-performance technology solutions for removing 90-99.9% of contaminants from polluted blackwater and greywater sources.

Our approach is unique in the decentralized wastewater industry as it adopts a total integrated water management strategy to develop solutions that maximize benefits and minimize life-cycle costs. As a solutions-driven company, we are committed to ongoing research and development of new and improved products. Our latest award-winning products includes secondary and tertiary treatment systems such as FAST®, STAAR®, RollsAIR®, and BioBarrier®, as well as d-Rain Joint™, SaniTEE®, FogHOG®, LIXOR®, Mighty Mike®, BioSTORM®, SciCHLOR®, and our SciBRINE® products. Our commitment to the continuous improvement of our products and services is integral to our total solutions approach. 

Along with Scienco/FAST and SeptiTech (both subsidiaries), our goal is to deliver water solutions that are better for the environment and better for the bottom line. We want to help clean the water in our world and produce simple, low cost, and robust technologies, devices, and products that deliver highly-effective, low maintenance and energy-efficient water treatment systems. We provide a high-quality turnkey, client-focused service from design through to commissioning, working closely with local councils, authorities, consulting engineers, and property developers to help them design the most appropriate system for their needs. BioMicrobics is committed to providing our clients with the highest standards of excellence not only in product delivery but also after-sales service. 

With this worldwide emphasis on environmental concerns and improving water quality, our pre-engineered, pre-packaged, certified, “Fixed Integrated Treatment Technologies” (FITT®) are the result of decades of real-world operating history and proven results that offer significant environmental benefits…FITT® for the Purpose Intended.

BioMicrobics Project Portfolio Book from BioMicrobics, Inc.

Advanced Wastewater Treatment Systems

Other Treatment & Water Recycling Systems

Environmentally-Friendly Cleaners & Products 

  • Integrated fixed-film activated sludge (IFAS) Technology
  • Type II Marine Sanitation Devices
  • Total Oxidation & Aerobic Digestion Management Technology
  • Smart, Trickling, Anaerobic/Aerobic Recirculating Filter Process Technology
  • Membrane BioReactors (MBRs) Technology
  • Res/Comm Greywater Treatment & Reuse Technology
  • Septic/Grit/Litter Screening Devices & GREASE/FOG Control
  • Water Treatment (sodium hypochlorite, PAA, brine makers)
  • Stormwater/Rainwater Filtration Treatment Systems and Devices
  • Mighty Mike® Cleaners & Detergents
  • Mighty Mike® Marine Products
  • Mighty Mike® Liquid & Tablet Descalers 
  • Mighty Mike® Bacteria Tablets
  • Mighty Mike® Bond-SORB™ Odor Eliminator

2018 Global Water Market Report:

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Through a worldwide distributor network, BioMicrobics has been recognized as a leader in exporting our decentralized equipment with a 2012 Presidential “E” Award and 2016 Presidential “E Star” Award for Excellence in Exporting.  BioMicrobics recently awarded the “2017 North American Integrated Water Treatment Technology Leadership” Award from the Best Practices Team and Frost & Sullivan and received a 2017 Top 10 Green-Building Product Award from BuildingGreen, Inc. for our d-Rain Joint™ Device.

If you have any questions, feedback or have an upcoming project, contact us at or at 800-753-FAST (3278) to let us know how we can better serve you or fill out our online Request Form.

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