Bio-Microbics Celebrates 20 Years of Water Innovation at its “World Series of Water” Conference

Bio-Microbics was established on April 18, 1996.

Today, we are 3 very good companies: Bio-Microbics, SeptiTech, and Scienco/FAST.  We are in over 70 countries with roughly 60,000 systems and growing.  Award-winning Bio-Microbics manufacturing facility looks back at and ahead to leadership in sustainability with a “World Series of Water” Training Conference and celebrated 20 Years of Water Innovation in the Built Environment.

SHAWNEE, KANSAS: Bio-Microbics, Inc. hosted a three-day Training Conference from May 23rd-25th, 2016. Distributors of Bio-Microbics were invited to attend to get the latest training, updates and tools for Bio-Microbics products. Topics included a “Series” format to go with the Sales Conference theme of “World Series of Water.” During the Conference, Bio-Microbics also celebrated its 20th Anniversary.

What did the Bio-Microbics Distributors get out of the Conference?
• SERIES #1 FAST® Technologies, New Products!, Sales Tools & Commercial Projects
• SERIES #2 SeptiTech® STAAR™ Systems
• SERIES #3 MBR is an Advanced & Feasible Option
• SERIES #4 Scienco® Water Treatment Products Overview
• SERIES #5 RollsAIR® Extended Aeration System Training
• SERIES #6 Marketing & Tradeshow Opportunities
• SERIES #7 DISTRIBUTOR PANEL DISCUSSIONS to answer questions on Industry Related topics and treatment systems

“All of this growth is due to good people, good policies, and good products,” said Bob Rebori, President. “We constantly reinvest in the companies, R&D, products, and tools to provide the most advanced and proven technologies for multiple markets, applications, and industries. Bio-Microbics is truly focused on all aspects of wastewater treatment and water recycling techniques. I am pleased at what we’ve accomplished in 20 years and look forward to all we have planned on the horizon.”

Bio-Microbics continues to develop technological water expertise and international relationships as vehicles for global and local supply of innovative, environmental products in the coming years.

Here’s to 20 more years of Better Water for a Better World!