“Bio-Microbics brings superior products to emerging markets, utilizing proven, existing technologies in new and innovative ways with good people, good policies, and better products.”

– Robert Rebori, President, Bio-Microbics, Inc.

At the forefront of sustainable, clean technology, both Bio-Microbics and Scienco/FAST continue to meet the highest global industry treatment standards. Based on environmentally sound and simple scientific principles, our unique, innovative products improve onsite residential, commercial and marine treatment capabilities to help ensure a clean environment for future generations.

All products are tested and certified to the latest worldwide performance and safety standards for water, wastewater, and rainwater treatment. The result: Better Water. Better World.®

Other product certifications and technology approvals include U.S. Coast Guard, International Maritime Organization, Canada, Australia, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, Russia, Poland, and more!

We hope you enjoy your virtual visit with us. If you have any questions, feedback or have an upcoming project, contact Bio-Microbics at sales@biomicrobics.com or at 800-753-FAST (3278) to let us know how we can better serve you. Thank you in advance for your consideration and inquiry.


Robert Rebori, President