Installing advanced wastewater treatment and water recycling systems for use new construction, renovations, and repairs for nitrogen sensitive areas – which allows for reductions in distance to groundwater and field size requirements or to meet onsite water reuse goals.

Membrane BioReactors (MBRs) combine two basic processes — biological degradation through the activated sludge treatment process and membrane separation into a single process during which suspended solids and microorganisms responsible for degradation are separated from treated water by membrane filtration units, which pull water through a membrane with very small pores. The activated sludge process combined with membrane separation is able to achieve very high removal efficiencies of organic material, with greater than 95 percent common for biochemical oxygen demand and total suspended solids. In addition to removing biodegradable organics and suspended solids, MBRs remove a very high percentage of pathogenic organisms, providing disinfection of the effluent with 99.9% removal of fecal coliform.

BioMicrobics “Award-Winning” BioBarrier® GWMBR® (Greywater-only MBR), BioBarrier® MBR, and BioBarrier® HSMBR® (High-Strength MBR) are proven and approved technology to deliver consistently high-performance and results.

  • Existing small house or Greywater-only—install a small system in the existing tank(s) or install ball plastic tanks.
  • New Construction / Home Builders—Perfect for small lots specify a system to any standard drainfield—and get a 40% to 80+% reduction in drainfield size!
  • Commercial Properties, i.e. Restaurants, need high strength treatment modules to handle more concentrated wastewater and FOG management.
  • Community/Multi-Family—Decentralized technologies are ideal for a more innovative WWTP to treat and denitrify the waste with simple flow paths and superior ease of operation and maintenance.
  • Winery Wastewater Treatment Applications— Winery wastewater poses a serious environmental problem, especially difficult to handle by municipal wastewater treatment plants. We can treat it with ease!

Best Bang for the Buck for an irrigation system, the BioBarrier provides highly treated effluent with Nitrogen reduction from the tank to the landscape or you can utilize a fraction of the standard drainfield size! BioMicrobics systems have proven to be cost effective, long term solutions to onsite wastewater treatment with denitrification.