Decentralized treatment technologies makes more sense to provide a REAL alternative to permanent wastewater treatment needs of the community. With Bio-Microbics, along with a handful of other technology manufacturers, developed to supply nutrient removal systems for environmental sensitive areas, Membrane BioReactors (that remove 99.9% of contaminants out of wastewater), and other technologies designed for greywater treatment, blackwater treatment, stormwater treatment, rainwater harvesting, and water reuse.

What are the most effective and sustainable approaches for maintaining and improving the natural and engineered water system in a manner that effectively protects the quantity and quality of water?

Innovative technologies and approaches for small drinking water and wastewater systems, including those technologies that combine pollution pre­vention, water reuse and resource recov­ery, and have potential economic advan­tages with low capital, operations, and maintenance costs.

More effective, sustainable treatment for small municipalities’ stormwater runoff, allowing them to meet current regulatory standards and reduce overall treatment costs while preserving resources and groundwater recharge.

Stormwater Treatment & Devices from Bio-Microbics: