Stormwater Treatment & Devices:

BioMicrobics offers effective “simple, low cost, robust” alternatives to a conventional drainage network for litter control screening, sediment filtration, and provide permeable requirements for pavement:

Growing populations + economic growth = the need for:

  • Performance-based onsite stormwater treatment systems
  • Product model standards and regulatory compliance

Our approach is to help our distributors engaging the public and key stakeholders, such as engineers, realtors and builders, elected officials, environmental organizations, and others, in building a stronger water quality ethic and stewardship. To continue the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for water and sanitation, most municipal “Operations Programs” Should include maintenance section. We can help with the proper design, construction and operator training regarding the sewer system of a municipality. It’s important to develop the following Programs to help prevent, identify, and/or address issues:

    • – Pre-treatment Program


    • – Corrosion Control Program


    • – Fats, Oils, and Grease Program


    – Stormwater management Program

Municipal Stormwater Treatment & Litter Control Screening

BioSTORM® is a pre-engineered stormwater treatment system designed to remove trash, sediment, oil and other pollutants from stormwater flows. 2-stage treatment including primary screening and secondary liquid/solid and oil/water separation. This off-line system is designed for and housed in pre-cast concrete tanks for flexible sizing for hydraulic flows and simple maintenance.

It is equally important to identify the best treatment technology, maintenance products, and WATER REUSE in mind to combat these issues. More effective, sustainable treatment for small municipalities’ stormwater runoff, allowing them to meet current regulatory standards and reduce overall treatment costs while preserving resources and groundwater recharge.