Bio-Microbics Building

Before green products or ‘building-green’ were becoming the norm, BioMicrobics was founded to commercialize residential wastewater treatment systems. BioMicrobics initially began by manufacturing its popular SinglehomeFAST® treatment system, and has since expanded into highly adaptable small flows and distributed systems for commercial applications, small communities and stormwater treatment systems – which have become a growing success. See our Products, Policies, and Personnel:

Our Products: Our Products are at the forefront of sustainable, clean technology; both BioMicrobics and Scienco/FAST continue to meet the highest global industry treatment standards and certified to the latest worldwide performance and safety for water, wastewater, and rainwater treatment, and more! Simplicity and quality are virtues BioMicrobics strives to provide in our products. We place a strong emphasis on research & development in new product development and existing product improvement to meet the needs of a changing market place. The innovative design of our pre-engineered and modular systems provides convenience of installation, operation, maintenance, and even shipment. We believe decentralized treatment should be intuitive and not complicated. See our Awarding Brochure.

Our Policies: Products can only take you so far. BioMicrobics believes ethical business is good business. Honesty, integrity and loyalty are necessary to for repeat business. Good policies are an important building block of the foundation. Our clients and our clients’ customers know BioMicrobics provide more than an excellent product. They are secure in their decisions knowing they also have the necessary support.

Our Personnel: From residential development to high-strength commercial and municipal capabilities, the BioMicrobics team have managed all elements of projects and provide real in-the-field experience. Our dedicated staff of consists of scientists, design engineers, wastewater engineers, field service technicians, skilled marketers, and sales professionals; equally as important are the local distributors of BioMicrobics systems. From consulting during design to maintaining equipment over time, these top-notch and educated distributors offer sewage treatment systems and industrial water treatment solutions. This Team helps to implement our core values throughout the world!

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