Bio-Microbics participates in more than 40 tradeshows and training events every year! Below is information about upcoming tradeshows Bio-Microbics exhibits. If you plan to attend an event where we are at, please stop by and talk with one of our experts!

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TradeShows & Events

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Meet the newest members of the Bio-Microbics Team, Aerobe and Robust will travel the globe with Bio-Microbics! See Aerobe and Robust at an upcoming Trade Event in your area in the upcoming year. Be sure to stop by wherever we are exhibiting!

Aerobe & Robust

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About Presentations



About our Presentations:  Bio-Microbics team have managed all elements of projects and provide real in-the-field experience. Our dedicated staff of consists of scientists, design engineers, wastewater engineers, field service technicians, skilled marketers, and sales professionals; equally as important are the local distributors of Bio-Microbics systems. We participate in many presentations, training events, and workshops throughout the year on a number of global business and water-related topics:

Decades of experience with water and wastewater projects worldwide has taught us that when we provide pre-engineered, modularized products to project decision makers, projects are completed more quickly, more affordably and with repeatable, consistent and successful results. This talented and diverse team provides multi-dimensional perspectives which yield robust, high-per­formance, lasting solutions and implements our core values throughout the world!

Our unique products are designed around principles that take all aspects of the process into consideration, including:
• consistent performance
• easy installation
• minimal maintenance
• dependable operation
• service simplicity
• long-term reliability
• pre-engineered
• modularized
• flexible integration
• world-wide regulatory compliance
• adaptability to local customs
• quick and convenient shipping around the globe

These principles help us develop products that consistently perform at high levels, save time and money and add long term value to the projects in which they are incorporated.