Recent Articles about BioMicrobics:

Oct 2018 – BLOG» Winery recycles 1.35 million gallons of water with Napa Green-certified MBR wastewater treatment system – The MBR Site – Application highlights: 1.35 million gallons treated/reused in first year of operation; Tanks & treatment system are a high-efficiency, low-maintenance pairing; Winery wastewater treatment with BioMicrobics & ZCL | Xerxes is now Napa Green-certified; Corrosion resistance of fiberglass is advantage in winery’s acidic soil; Three 22,000-gallon fiberglass water tanks (10-foot-diameter)…[more]

Oct 2018 – REPORT» Global Membrane Bioreactor Systems Market Study 2018: Water Solutions & Technologies – Chronical India – The report on the “Membrane Bioreactor Systems market“ offers elaborated knowledge on the Membrane Bioreactor Systems market. Parts like dominating firms, classification, size, business atmosphere, SWOT analysis, and most effectual trends within the business area unit comprised during this analysis study. The dominant firms GE, Veolia, Koch, Hitachi Aqua-Tech, Mitsubishi Rayon, Wehrle Umwelt GmbH, Degremont, Kubota, United Envirotech, WesTech, BioMicrobics, Ovivo, Aqua-Aerobic, Evac, Toray, Evoqua, Beijing Grant.” [more]

 Aug 2018 – BLOG» The Midwest: A heartland with a heart for sustainability – –  “Bob Fincher spent a week with a camper, a GPS and a lot of caffeine to visit some of the leading companies in sustainability,” –Editor. Founder and chairman, Bob Fincher, recently took to the road in search of companies in the Midwest that are helping the rest of the nation understand the importance of sustainability and the technologies and tactics that can help create homes and buildings that are friendlier to the earth and to their inhabitants. Many companies were evaluated. What follow are his observations of the best of the best.” [more]

Aug 2018 – REPORT» Innovations & Share of Stormwater Treatment Market By Top Key Vendors like Bio-Microbics, Ecosol, AcquaMaster, AS Filtration and Stormtreat – Market Journal – Stormwater treatment means the removal of toxins and pollutants from the water. Running stormwater is a major source of pollution…” [more]

Feb 2018 – REPORT» Water And Wastewater Treatment Systems Market Worth 90.76 Billion USD By 2022 – Meticulous Research – “The global water and wastewater treatment systems market will grow at a CAGR of 6.3% from 2017 to 2022 to reach $90.76 billion by 2022. The growth of this market is primarily driven by rapidly growing population and urbanization, increasing demand for new water resources, growing concerns of water quality and public health, and increasing prevalence of water-borne diseases.” [more]

Jul 2017 – Boatbuilding » Water Systems: Recycle and save water – BoatBusiness – When it comes to making savings in fuel and money on a boat, many people focus on propulsion and then look at the efficiencies of different components. But weight and therefore fuel savings can also be made with the storage of fresh, grey, and black water. ….” [more]

Nov-Dec 2017 – FEATURES >> LEADERSHIP: BioMicrobics Devises Water Treatment Systems in Use Around the Globe. WATER REUSE: BETTER ECONOMICS FOR A THIRSTY WORLD – – With global population projected to increase from 7.6 billion today to 8.6 billion by 2030—a 13% rise in a dozen years—it surprises no one that the demand for water will increase proportionally. We don’t have enough now as it is: About two-thirds of the world’s populations live in regions of water scarcity at least one month each year, according to a study out of the Netherlands (“Four billion people facing severe water scarcity,” Hoekstra and Mekonnen, University of Twente, February 2016)…” [more]

Jul 2017 – AWARD: BioMicrobics Receives “2017 North American Integrated Water Treatment Technology” Award – Frost & Sullivan – Frost & Sullivan awards BioMicrobics on the basis of overcoming industry challenges and leveraging business impact with a commitment to innovation, creativity, and technology incubation….” [more]

Jun 2017 – SYSTEM PROFILE: The Big Muddy – Onsite Installer Magazine – A shipping depot located on the vast Mississippi River floodplain called for onsite system design creativity….” [more]

May/June 2017 – IMPACTING OUR FUTURE | Greywater: The Future of Water Preservation – Media Planet – WATER Down the drain and out of mind? Here’s how individuals and businesses can preserve our most precious resource and move towards a more sustainable future….”[more]

Mar 2017 –  Top 100 Products: Exterior Products – Professional Builder Magazine – Home builders know better than almost anyone that trying a new product is not a casual matter….” [more]

Feb 2017 –  Onsite Choices for Legal Marijuana Growing Facilities – Onsite Installer Magazine – Zeiter Septics Unlimited is called on late in the development of two Illinois indoor growing operations and installs membrane bioreactors to handle wastewater….”[more]

Jan/Feb 2017 – IN THE WINERY: Talking Winery Wastewater Treatment with Sheldon Sapoznik – The Grapevine Magazine – It seems as though anything associated with wine-making should be good for the environment….” [more]

Nov 2016 – Sponsored BioMicrobics WHITE PAPER – Decentralized Wastewater Treatment ProudGreenHome® – An application used worldwide, now growing in the US to address the needs of small communities and developments…” [more]

Oct 2016 – 2017 Top 10 GreenBuilding Products – – “…innovations we see as best-in-class trendsetters in their product category, the d-Rain Joint Pavement Rainwater Filtration System…” [more]

Oct 2016WATER: Industry Speaks | Quality of Inputs is Important for Product Performance – B2B Purchase – “Unlike conventional systems which are fabricated and pieced together using components from various manufacturers, our products are fully integrated engineered systems…” [more]

Sep 2016 – Maritime Reporter TV Interviews Bob Rebori, BioMicrobics Scienco/FAST – Maritime Reporter TV – [VIDEO LINK] “At the SMM 2016 in Hamburg, Germany, Maritime Reporter TV’s Greg Trauthwein, Editor and Associate Publisher of Maritime Reporter and Engineering News, interviews Robert (Bob) J. Rebori, President, BioMicrobics Scienco/FAST. Mr. Rebori discusses current market conditions and drivers for waste water handling systems…”

Jun 2016Shawnee Company a Water Wonder – Shawnee Dispatch – “Earlier this year, BioMicrobics was awarded the President’s “E Star” Award for Exports, the highest recognition any U.S. Company or organization can receive for making a significant contribution to the expansion of U.S. Exports…” [more]

Jun 2016Jace of All Trades: Add New Services and Watch the Revenues Grow – Onsite Installer Magazine – “From farming and swinging a hammer on a construction crew, New Mexico’s Jace Ensor grew into a rewarding career with several specialties in the onsite wastewater industry…” [more]

May 2016There’s No Wine-ing In Wastewater Treatment – Water Online – Q&A With BioMicrobics, Inc. | “Wineries and vineyards face some added environmental and economic challenges to properly treat and dispose of wastewater. Proper treatment and disposal can be costly and there are very strict regulations that must be followed…” [more]

Spring 2016HOT 50 Products 2016 Editors’ Choice – GreenBuilder Media – “Landscaping and Water Management Category: d-Rain Joint Pavement Rainwater Filtration System…” [more]

May 2016 – American Liquid Waste Mag – SPOTLIGHT Q&A: For this month’s spotlight we spoke with BioMicrobics Distributor, Joshua Guina, who together with his father Andrew own and operate A Advanced Septic & Construction Services out of Washington State. “Our company took the time to become full service…we specialize in taking a 20 plus-year-old failed septic system and typically in one day can repair it meeting health department guide lines and give the systems another 20 years of usage without destroying their yard and can often complete a repair….” Welcome to BioMicrobics

Feb 2016 – Beyond the Barriers of Water Reuse – Water Online Q&A – “Water Online spoke with the team at BioMicrobics — Robert J. Rebori, president, and Jennifer Cisneros, director of marketing — about environmentally friendly MBR solutions, green building standards, and how to handle fouling…..” [more]

Feb 2016Onsite Technology Saves the Day – Onsite Installer Magazine | SYSTEM PROFILE – “Membrane bioreactor system allows the transformation of a scarred strip mining operation into the thriving Giant Goose Ranch resort. As if the number of systems wasn’t enough, there were the mixed-up soils. Together, those two factors added up to a challenge, but one that New Excavating Technology Inc. of St. Anne, Illinois, was prepared to handle….” [more]

Oct 2015Case Study: Bayview Community Wastewater Treatment System, Cheriton, VA on Virginia’s Eastern Shore – National Onsite Wastewater Recycling Association (NOWRA) | MegaConference – Project Name: BAYVIEW REVITALIZATION PROJECT, System Specifications: MICROFAST TREATMENT UNITS, Virginia Distributor: NATURE WORKS, Inc…” [more]

Jul 2015The d-Rain Joint Rainwater Filtration System – Environmental Protection Online | STORMWATER FILTRATION TREATMENT – “Urban storm water runoff has become a focus in recent years. In most cities, significant amounts of water fall onto impervious surfaces, such as roads, driveways, parking lots, etc., ending up as run off; sheeting across surfaces and picking up more contaminants and pollutants to simply flow out unfiltered to waterways through the storm drains and greatly reduces the amount of water infiltrating the soil…” [more]

Jun 2015BioMicrobics RollsAIR™ New Aeration System – The Water Network: Technology | The Water Network Research – The RollsAIR™ Extended Aeration System is an Activated Sludge Treatment system utilizing an aerobic wastewater treatment process designed to be a simple, low- cost, robust system of its type. The complete RollsAIR™ system uses the MyTEE® in the “headworks” zone to screen trash and settle grit. The MyTEE® screen deflects non-soluble solids to stay in the vault… [more]

Mar 2015STEP: Another Alternative to Alternative Sewers – Modern Pumping Today Magazine: WATER & WASTEWATER SOLUTIONS – What kind of options does a neighborhood developer have to easily manage and monitor the wastewater generated from the homes of cluster developments or a small community?… [more]

Jan-Feb 2015Advanced winery wastewater treatment for water reuse – Water Environment Federation (WEF) publication: World Water Magazine | WEF International Pavilion | WASTEWATER TREATMENT – BioMicrobics’ advanced water treatment systems helped a vineyard in the growing city of Garzon, Maldonado, Uruguay to treat its wastewater onsite for reuse. The South American winery market represents a growing market for wastewater treatment solutions and reuse opportunities, such as irrigation water for vineyards, recycled water for dust control, processing area wash-down water… [more]

Dec 2014 – [Portuguese] Wise Water fornece ETEs compactas para condomínios – Hydro (Brasil) publication – A Wise Water International, de Campinas, SP, está na expectative de fechar seu primeiro contrato de fornecimento de estações compactas de tratamento biológico da representada norteamericana Biomicrobics. Segundo o diretor da empresa, Marco Astolfi, as negociações envolvem condomínios de alto padrão na região de Campinas e Valinhos, cujas casas estão sendo cobradas pelo Ministério Público para deixar de usar fossas sépticas… [more]

Dec 2014 – KSFA Info-FLO: “Better than New Septic from BioMicrobics! – In Western Kansas, those properties that experience biologically-failed septic systems rarely have options other than to replace the entire system – an expensive endeavor for low-income housing… [more]

Nov 2014 – Treating Wastewater for a Positive Change – Media Planet publication: USA Today Climate Change | ECO-LIVING –  Water is a precious commodity in our society that’s worth preserving. GREENER OPTIONS: Conventional sewage treatment is expensive to operate. Some small communities are looking for alternative ways to manage wastewater. Recycling wastewater can have both major economic and environmental benefits for communities, according to the US EPA and wastewater system manufacturers… [more]

Oct 2014 – WATER: Conservation, Reuse & Recycle – Everything About Water (INDIA) | RECYCLING WASTEWATER CREATES POSITIVE CHANGE FOR ENVIRONMENT — Decentralized systems are important in a country’s permanent wastewater infrastructure. Water is a precious commodity in our society that’s worth preserving. Recycling wastewater can have both major economic and environmental benefits for communities, according to the US EPA and wastewater system manufacturers, like Bob Rebori, President of BioMicrobics, Inc… [more]

Oct 2014 – US Builder’s Review: “BEST OF GREENBUILD 2014” Editor’s Choice AwardCreating Better Water Treatment Solutions for a Better World | …BMI [BioMicrobics, Inc] specializes in innovative and broad-reaching solutions to wastewater and stormwater management problems. Beyond that, the business has built a reputation for providing products that meet the highest worldwide performance and safety standards for treatment of water, wastewater and rainwater. The company serves clients at land and at sea, with a niche in building durable produces and systems that arc both efficient and easy to maintain… [more]

Oct 2014 – WATER ONLINE RADIO PODCAST: “The Progress Of Decentralized SystemsRecorded at WEFTEC 2014 | Decentralized systems have come a long way from the days of rudimentary systems for single family homes — they can now accommodate larger flows and much more complex requirements, according to Bob Rebori, President at BioMicrobics, during a Water Online radio interview…. [more]

Sep 2014 – Water Technology Magazine:  Products to See at WEFTEC 2014SciCHLOR® Sodium Hypochlorite Generator is a safe, cost-effective and reliable method to produce a highly active, meta-stable disinfection solution The science behind the SciCHLOR® is the environmentally-responsible ElectroChemical Activation (ECA) method of the SciCELL® unit. Ideal for applications that require large amounts of chlorine, such as water treatment, wastewater, agricultural, etc.. [more]

Aug 2014 – WaterOnline: A Beginners Guide to Sodium Hypochlorite Generators_August_2014Q&A: Why buy, transport, and store chlorine when you can make your own? Here are nine questions to consider before adopting the practice. Chlorine is a wonderful, life-saving chemical. It may be taken somewhat for granted today, but chlorine’s arrival more than a century ago really did herald a revolution, and it’s still going strong. Of course, the use of liquid and gas chlorine also has its drawbacks, including the ongoing expense of repurchase and a variety of safety concerns associated with transport and storage… [more]

Aug 2014 – WaterOnline_Do You Know The Value Of Decentralized Infrastructure_August_2014According to the National Onsite Wastewater Recycling Association (, onsite and decentralized wastewater treatment systems are an important part of a country’s permanent wastewater infrastructure. [more]

July 2014 – WaterOnline: Floating Cabins In B.C. Canada British Columbia’s fly‐in recreational fishing lodge industry was threatened by federal regulators to be closed or fined up to $200,000 unless the sewage wastewater was treated. [more]

Jan 2014 – ProudGreenHome® | Sponsored BioMicrobics White Paper | Properly Landscaping [Around] Your Septic System is Critical Besides knowing what not to put in a septic system, it is critical to know what not to put above or around it. [more]

Dec 2013 – ProudGreenHome® | Sponsored BioMicrobics White Paper | Paper Products Your Septic System Should AvoidJust as it is important to have your family recognize the significance of energy conservation to reduce your environmental footprint and home operating expense, an understanding of your septic system’s requirements is essential. [more]

Dec 2013 – Water & Wastes Digest: MyFAST® HS-STP™ system with Biosolids Sludge Management System – Based on the obvious need for cost effective and sustainable solutions, studies have been conducted in cooperation with community and environmental groups to develop less centralized and more environmentally beneficial wastewater treatment systems. [more]

Oct 2013 – Onsite Installer: Making Headlines: Chicago paper says “sewage geeks jacked” over BioBarrier system – It’s not often that the intricacies of an onsite system make newspaper headlines. But, the Southtown Star in suburban Chicago this week ran a story and photos showing the first local installation of a BioBarrier system from BioMicrobics. [more]

Oct 2013 – New Septic System has Sewage Geeks Jacked – The freshly excavated land next to the industrial building in New Lenox was about to make some sewage history as the scene of an installation of a new [BioBarrier® Membrane BioReactor (MBR)] aerobic treatment unit. [more]

Sep 2013 – WaterWorld WaterShots Photo Contest WASTEWATER INFRASTRUCTURE, 3rd Place Winner – BioMicrobics North Dakota Distributor took a picture of their newly installed, 120,000 GPD MyFAST® Wastewater Treatment System right before start-up. [more]

Jul 2013 – System Profile: Rocky Mountain High – A MicroFAST® wastewater treatment system is the solution for a Colorado lodge with poor soils and steep slopes. [more]

May 2013 – Help for Your Biologically-Failed Septic Systems –© | Sponsored by BioMicrobics | Twenty-five percent of homes in the United States have septic systems. Ninety percent of these are in rural environments. [more]

Apr 2013 – BioMicrobics Sponsors NOWRA Roe-D-Hoe Winner – Father-son teams dominate at the 2013 National Backhoe Roe-D-Hoe hosted by the National Onsite Wastewater Recycling Association. [more]

Apr 2013 – Onsite Installer: Making Camp – An installation for an RV resort in Illinois meets challenges posed by poor soils by deploying an ATU with a pressure-dosed drainfield. [more]

Mar 2013 – Arab Water World: Welcoming Nigerian Delegation – BioMicrobics Inc. and Held & Associates Inc. hosted an event welcoming the visiting delegation of the US Ambassador to Nigeria. The purpose of the visit was for the delegation to participate in AG CONNECT, the international trade show for the agriculture industry, which was held at the Kansas City Convention early in January. [more]

Feb 2013 – Environmental BuildingGreen News: BioBarrier [MBR] Offers New Approach to Treating Wastewater Onsite – Treating wastewater for onsite use could take a burden off our aging infrastructure while creating high-quality water that won’t contaminate local watersheds… [more]

Feb 2013 – IHS GlobalSpec Water Quality & Water Reclamation Online Event – Treatment Systems for Onsite Residential and Commercial Water Reuse. NSF International has developed a new standard for the treatment and reuse of both gray water and combined wastewater sources. [more]

Feb 2013 – WorldWater_P37: WASSER Berlin Preview – The US company BioMicrobics’ BioBarrier® MBR and HSMBR® can remove 99% of harmful pathogens from wastewater. The EN-12566-3-certified, packaged, domestic wastewater treatment MBR systems can make the most difficult sites usable and ideal even for direct discharge with no additional disinfection. [more]

Jan 2013 – MOTHER EARTH NEWS: Top Tips for Septic System Maintenance – BioMicrobics Do’s & Don’ts list. Without proper septic system care — especially as a system nears 20 or more years of use — homeowners are in danger of leaks and blockages that can contaminate soil and water sources. [more]

Jan 2013 – International Builder’s Show Village – The latest in building science is on display at Professional Builder Show Village 2013 [more]

Nov 2012 – EDC Readers’ Choice AwardEDC, the official magazine for the LEED® Professional, Readers were asked to vote for products that they feel offer the best combination of sustainable attributes with ease of use and installation in a variety of categories. [more]

Nov 2012 – Greenroof Project Database Project Profile: BioMicrobics MyFAST Effluent reused for irrigating Living Wall at Los Cabos International Convention Center [more]

Oct 2012Municipal Magazine – Title: Better Idea for National Parks. “BioMicrobics’ global market is liquid and lucrative…” [more]

Aug 2012Thinking Bigger Business Magazine – COVER STORY – Title: Water, Water, Everywhere, by Mary Bush. “BioMicrobics’ global market is liquid and lucrative…” [more]

Jun 2012Water & Wastes Digest Magazine – Title: BioMicrobics Named a 2012 President’s “E” Award Recipient. “Honored for outstanding export activity…” [more]

Jun 2012Municipal Magazine – Title: Are Onsite Residential Membrane Systems Possible? – “Homeowners test the latest advancements in wastewater treatment…” [more]

May 2012Office of the U.S. Trade Representative Announcement Trade Agreements Help Small Businesses in Kansas and Missouri, by Christina Sevilla, Assistant Deputy U.S. Trade Representative. “On the occasion of World Trade Week…” [more]

May 2012Wall Street Journal (WSJ) Market Watch – Title: BioMicrobics Named a 2012 President’s “E” Award Recipient for Outstanding Export Activity. “SHAWNEE, Kan. – BioMicrobics Inc., a global leader in manufacturing onsite wastewater and stormwater treatment systems…” [more]

Summer 2012IBNEWS, International Business NewsTrade Agreements Help Small Businesses in Kansas and Missouri, by Christina Sevilla, Assistant Deputy U.S. Trade Representative. “On the occasion of World Trade Week…” [more]

Feb 2012 – Onsite Installer: Membrane Solutions – [Membrane] Bioreactor (MBR) technology enables a couple to build a system for a dream home in an environmentally sensitive area of western Idaho… [more]

Jan 2012 – Onsite Installer: Travel On Schedule – A FAST-track installation involving high-strength aerobic treatment units allows a freeway travel center to open on time… [more]

Sept 2011Shawnee Dispatch – Title: Gov. Brownback Visits Shawnee Company Named State’s Top Exporter, by Stephen Montemayor. “International exports help Shawnee Company thrive…” [more]

July 2011Kansas City Star – Title: Kansas Honors Shawnee Business. “A Shawnee company has won a statewide business award for international trade. BioMicrobics was named the 2011 Kansas Exporter of the Year by Gov. Sam Brownback…” [more]

Summer 2011IBNEWS, International Business News – COVER STORY – Title: Turning WasteWater Into Gold Water, Staff Writer. “He’s faster than a speeding bullet and flies to countries barely on the radar…” [more]

May 2011Thinking Bigger Business Magazine – Title: Small Business Takes on the World, by David Conrads. “Business opportunities get bigger as the world gets smaller…” [more]

Fall 2010WOSSA Pipeline – Title: Breaking the Barrier, by Allison Blodig, REHS, Manager, Regulatory Affairs and Special Projects, BioMicrobics, Inc. “MBR Technology Applications in On-Site Systems – The Next Generation of Wastewater Treatment Options. What are “membranes”?…” [more]

Dec 2010Onsite Installer – Title: Old School Values [Cover image installing MicroFAST® system], by Gil Longwell. “Constant training, respect for employees and customers, and old-fashioned fairness…” [more]

May 2010Water & Wastes Digest Magazine – Title: BioMicrobics Promotes at U.S. Wastewater Program in Romania [more]

May 2010Water & Wastes Digest Magazine – Title: BioMicrobics Introduces S.O.S. Program. “This program provides a solution to a failed drainfield/leachfield with a money-back warranty.” [more] To learn more about the S.O.S.-Save Our Septic® Warranty Program, click here

Mar 2010Modern Contractors Magazine – Title: Why Decentralized/Distributed Systems are Popular Alternative Treatment, by Robert K. Rebori, Staff Writer. “On-site treatment systems benefit homeowners, developers, and the environment…” [more]

Feb 2010Coastal Contractor Online, Hanley Wood Media – Title: In Maryland, a Push for Better Septic Systems. “Coastal environments, almost by definition, are sensitive ecosystems…” [more]

Dec 2009TV Interview: “Good Morning Varna” – Title: The BioBarrier® MBR system featured on the Bulgaria TV broadcast. “Versions of decentralized wastewater treatment systems were offered today in the center of the high-tech, business…” [more]

Dec 2009St. Croix Source – Title: Conference Aims to Prioritize Water Issues at CARICOM. “The Caribbean Water and Wastewater Conference and Exhibition opened…” [more]

July – Title: China and US Cooperate on Building Efficiency, Staff Writer. “BEIJING, CHINA – After touring the “America House,” a U.S. designed demonstration of cutting edge “zero energy” building technology…” [more]

March 2009Water & Wastes Digest Magazine– Title: BioMicrobics Wins “Exporter of the Year” Award. “Our mission is to bring superior products to emerging markets….” [more]

Feb 2008Export-Import Bank of the United States – Title: Kansas Small Business Exports Wastewater Treatment Systems to Mexico Backed By Enhanced EX-IM Bank Medium Term Financing. “WASHINGTON, D.C.: BioMicrobics Inc., a small business in Shawnee Mission, Kan., is exporting 10 of its FAST wastewater treatment systems and…” [more]

Oct 2006Onsite Installer – Title: Breaking the Record, by Scottie Dayton. “Two brothers in west-central Wisconsin design and install the largest privately owned onsite system in the state…” [more]