Bio-Microbics BioBarrier® MBR Greywater Treatment System designed to treat wastewater from the sink, drain(s), and shower/bath(s) often exceeding typical local regulatory requirements! For a total greywater treatment and water recycling system, the system allows all used water from showering, laundry, washing drainage to be cost-effectively treated and reused for external non-potable uses; i.e. equipment cleaning, irrigation for lawns, living walls, flowerbeds/landscapes, and green roofs, water features/fountains, dust control, cooling towers, flush water and a variety of other water reuse applications. 

The BioBarrier® MBR (Membrane BioReactor) System utilizes industry leading immersed membrane technology. Our MBR Technology Maximizes Water Reuse: The need for water recycling and reuse is growing rapidly as water becomes an increasingly precious commodity. The same NSF 350 certified, BioBarrier® membrane bioreactor (MBR) technology used in our wastewater treatment systems are scaled for greywater-only applications and extremely effective for in commercial and residential applications to ensure maximum water reuse and efficiency:

• help conserve natural resources
• protect ground/surface water
• overcome land constraints

With an active aeration system in the treatment tank, the BioBarrier® MBR Greywater Treatment System allows for reliable permeate flow, eliminates clogging, and delivers exceptional effluent quality from greywater sources in a cost-effective and easy to operate the system. The low-foul, durable, flat-sheet membranes utilize micro-sized pores for physical separation of solids from the greywater. With an active aeration system in the treatment tank, the pre-engineered, modular system ships installation-ready and fits easily into both new and existing tank configurations. BioBarrier’s high-quality effluent provides new opportunities for water recycling techniques that will have dramatic, positive effects on your property.

    • Produces unmatched, high-quality effluent creating new opportunities for water reuse.
    • Strong and durable components provide long lasting performance.
    • Ships installation ready making it easier to install, operate, and maintain than other types of treatment systems.
    • Advanced features, pre-engineered, and modular design all work together to bring superior technology at an affordable price.
    • Immersed membrane technology allows for installation into a smaller footprint with both above or below ground tank options.
    • Best in class performance from an industry leader. The BioBarrier® MBR is the first system to receive NSF/ANSI Standard 350 certification for water reuse!



  • SaniTEE® Effluent Screening Device: ready for installation into the settling tank prior to the treatment tank.
  • BioBarrier® Membrane BioReactor: durable, pre-engineered module ready for placement into the treatment tank.
  • BioAeration Grid System: designed for greywater application, includes air grid, blower, and blower vent.
  • Filtrate Pump: to extract your ultra-filtered, treated wastewater from the membrane module.
  • Timer and High-Level Alarm floats: assures proper operating water levels and notification of any abnormalities.
  • Control Panel: Easy to operate and view with maximum settings for proper operation of your BioBarrier® System.
  • Installation Kit: including necessary connectors and parts with easy to understand installation instructions.




Finding the right size…

BioBarrier® treatment systems are engineered for residential strength wastewater in three specific sizes based on daily wastewater flow. The flow for a residence is usually determined at the local regulatory level. Typically each bedroom is assigned a value for the number of GPD of wastewater it will contribute to the overall sewer. The flow for a residence is usually determined at the local regulatory level. Typically each bedroom is assigned a value for the number of GPD of wastewater it will contribute to the overall sewer.

For assistance or questions in sizing, site details, installation/operation, please contact us at Key things you need to know for your system:

•  Local Regulatory Guidelines (State, County, City…)
•  Number of Bedrooms/Persons of occupancy

BioBarrier® Available Sizes

BioBarrier® 0.5 500GPD 1892LPD PDF
BioBarrier® 1.0 1000GPD 3784LPD PDF
BioBarrier® 1.5 1500GPD 5675LPD PDF

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