Dependable, Affordable…FITT® for the Purpose Intended

MicroFITT®-ee wastewater treatment systems are designed for residential strength wastewater in eight specific sizes based on daily wastewater usage. Finding the right FITT®-ee system for your project can be as simple as knowing the residential flow from the source of the wastewater.

MicroFAST Install

Finding the right size… Designing Your FITT®-ee System

On average each bedroom is assigned a value for the number of GPD of wastewater it will contribute into the overall treatment system.

Local Regulatory Guidelines
Effluent Requirements
Number of Bedrooms/Persons of occupancy

MicroFITT-ee System



MicroFITT®-ee Available Sizing

MicroFITT®-ee 0.5 500GPD 1800LPD  
MicroFITT®-ee 0.625 625GPD 2400LPD  
MicroFITT®-ee 0.75 750GPD 2800LPD  
MicroFITT®-ee 0.9 900GPD 3400LPD  
MicroFITT®-ee 1.5 1500GPD 5600LPD  
MicroFITT®-ee 3.0 3000GPD 11400LPD  
MicroFITT®-ee 4.5 4500GPD 17000LPD  
MicroFITT®-ee 9.0 9000GPD 34050LPD  


To download the FITT®-ee Product brochure, FITT®-ee Manuals, or System drawings, please click on the TECHNICAL DOWNLOADS tab.

Technical Downloads

Product Brochures

FITT®-ee Brochure

MicroFITT®-ee Product Manuals


MicroFITT®-ee Drawing and Specifications (Residential Small Systems)

Unit Size Treatment Capacity People Served File Type
MicroFITT®-ee 0.5 500 US gallons per day (1800 LPD) 1 to 8 people PDF
MicroFITT®-ee 0.625 625 US gallons per day (2400 LPD) 1 to 10 people PDF
MicroFITT®-ee 0.75 750 US gallons per day (2800 LPD) 1 to 11 people PDF
MicroFITT®-ee 0.9 900 US gallons per day (3400 LPD) 1 to 14 people PDF
MicroFITT®-ee 1.5 1500 US gallons per day (5600 LPD) 6 to 21 people PDF

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Our products are certified to the highest national and international standards in our industry. If you require additional certification marks, etc, please e-mail your request to

USA and International Product Certifications

The list below is a summary of a few certifications received for the products of BioMicrobics:

  • All Control Panels – CSA (Canadian Standards Association) Electrical Certification – CSA International and the International Association of Electrical Inspectors (IAEI), the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI), Health Canada, provincial regulators, and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to promote standards for consumer safety in North America and around the world. Tested to standards for safety and/or performance.
  • All Control Panels – CE – European Electrical Systems (including a “Tropical Certification Rating”) When products have been shown to meet the essential requirements of the directive or EN standard the product is available for sale anywhere in the European market..
  • All Control Panels – ETL and RoHS Compliant – Intertek Testing ServicesEvaluated and meets the standard equivalent to the requirements set by Intertek and equivalent to UL (Underwriter’s Laboratories).
  • All FAST® – Poland – Aprobata Techniczna (Technology Approval) ze Instytut Ochrony Srodowiska (Institute of Environmental Protection)
  • All FAST® – Russia – (Federal Service of Environmental Protection) Technology Approval
  • All Control Panels – SASO (Saudi Arabian Standards Organization) Electrical Standards Approves national standards and measurements for all commodities and products, methods of sampling, inspection and testing, in addition to other assignments resolved by SASO Board of Directors in the Kingdom.
  • All FAST® – U.K. – United Kingdom Department of Trade

Independent Third-Party Testing

Verification programs/locations in which a BioMicrobics FAST®, BioBarrier®, or SeptiTech® system was installed for analysis of performance:

  • NSF International testing and evaluation for Standard 40, 245, and 350
  • US EPA Environmental Technology Verification Program (ETV)
  • Massachusetts Title 5 “Innovative and Alternative (I/A) System” Technologies Listed under “General Use Permit for Nitrogen Reduction”, “Provisional Use,” & “Remedial Use”
  • Florida OWNRS (Onsite Wastewater Nitrogen Reduction Study) Phases I and II
  • New Mexico State/New Mexico University
  • University of Rhode Island
  • Buzzards Bay, MA
  • Ventura County, CA
  • La Pine, OR
  • Burnett, WA

Recent Business and Technology Awards

  • 2017 North American “Integrated Water Treatment Technology Leadership” Award, Frost & Sullivan
  • 2017 Top 10 Green Building Products, BuildingGreen, Inc.- d-Rain Joint™ Device
  • 2016 President’s “E Star” Award * 2012 President’s “E” Award for Excellence in Exports, granted by President of the United States, presented by US Dept of Commerce
  • 2015 Ingenuity Award Winner, Ingenuity Central @ K-State Olathe, Ingenuity Central (IC) showcases innovative companies that exemplify the newest thinking driving our community & growing our economy.
  • 2015 Innovation in Marine Environmental Technology Offshore Excellence Award, based on environmental impact with marine sanitation devices and technology.
  • 2014 “BEST of GreenBuild” Editor’s Choice Award, U.S. Builder’s Review, “Creating Better Water Treatment Solutions for a Better World…“article.
  • 2012 President’s “E” Award for Excellence in Exports, granted by the U.S. President, presented by the U.S. Department of Commerce
  • 2011 Kansas Governor Exporter of the Year, presented by the Governor of Kansas
  • 2011 North American Technology Innovation Award (Decentralized Commercial Outlets) – Frost & Sullivan
  • 2011 New Product of the Year Award (Recycling) – BioBarrier® MBR System – Environmental Protection (EPOnline)
  • 2010 North American Technology Innovation Award (Water/Wastewater) – Frost & Sullivan
  • 2009 Exporter of the Year Award, Environmental – ThinkGlobal / Commercial News USA (Official publication of the U.S. Dept. of Commerce)
  • 2009 Technology Merit Business Achievement Award, Water/Wastewater – Environmental Business Journal (EBJ)
  • 2002 U.S. Export Achievement Certificate, US Dept. of Commerce, US & Foreign Commercial Service
  • 2000 U.S. EPA Environmental Technology Innovator Award – U.S. EPA, Region 1 – SeptiTech® Technology