RollsAIR™ Extended Aeration Systems

Overview with New Mall_smThe RollsAIR™ and RollsAIR™ HS-STP® Extended Aeration Systems are  “Activated Sludge” systems utilizing a complete, aerobic treatment process. The complete Rollsair™ System is designed to be the simplest to install, operate, and maintain wastewater treatment system of its type. Engineered with non-corrosive, proprietary devices, the RollsAIR™ provides robust performance…FITT® for the purpose intended.

The complete RollsAIR™ System uses the MyTEE® in the “headworks” zone, to screen trash and settle grit. The MyTEE® Screen deflects non-soluble solids to stay in the vault. All non-biological screened and settled items require periodic- NOT daily maintenance from the MyTEE® Vault. The easy maintenance of the MyTEE®’s patented Clean-in-Place swab alleviates the need for manual raking from non-biological solids.

The “Aeration” zone uses the non-clogging LIXOR® aerators to provide large amounts of oxygen and mixing to rapidly grow aerobic bacteria. The treatment process at the front end of the zone continuing as the water flows to the back end of the zone prior to the submerged header clarifier(s). This mixing action “rolls” from one or both sides and Plug Flows though the length of the aeration zone.  The submerged “effluent clarifier” does not require regular brushing of scum and algae.

The RollsAIR™ and the RollsAIR™ HS-STP® offer a cost effective method and versatility to treat larger flows for a multitude of applications:

• Multi-Family Properties
• Clustered Subdivisions
• Housing Developments
• Recreational Facilities
• Apartment Complexes
• Military Facilities
• Communities/Villages
• Small Municipalities
• Restaurants
• Schools/Universities
• RV & Mobile Home Parks
• Resort Areas/Hotels
• Highway Rest Areas
• Country Club/Golf Courses
• Office Parks / Shopping Centers / Grocery stores
• Food/Beverage Facilities

All items within the plant are operated by simple, robust, quiet, low-maintenance blowers mounted within engineered enclosures.

How does the RollsAIR™ system work?

    1. Wastewater enters the treatment system.
    2. Natural separation and settling processes occur in the primary settling zone.
    3. In the primary settling zone for most large residential and commercial applications, a MyTEE® device is used to prevent large solids from entering the treatment zone.
    4. A remote, above-ground blower introduces air (oxygen) into the treatment module to facilitate a robust circulation of wastewater rolling side to side with plug flow path.
    5. Bacteria in the aeration zone become an abundant, diverse, self-regulating population of microbes that consistently metabolize the incoming waste.
    6. Clear, odorless, treated water is ready for standard and innovative dispersal.


RollsAIR™ Available Sizes

RollsAIR™ 2.0 20000 US gallons per day (75m3/d)
RollsAIR™ 4.0 40000 US gallons per day (150m3/d)
RollsAIR™ 6.0 60000 US gallons per day (227 m3/d)
RollsAIR™ 8.0 80000 US gallons per day (300m3/d)
RollsAIR™ 12.0 120000 US gallons per day (454 m3/d)
RollsAIR™ 16.0 160000 US gallons per day (600m3/d)

Technical Downloads

RollsAIR™ Product Brochures

 RollsAIR™ Systems Brochure

RollsAIR™ Drawing and Specifications

Unit Size Treatment Capacity Approximate People Served
RollsAIR™ 2.0 20000 US gallons per day (75 m3/d) up to 400
RollsAIR™ 4.0 40000 US gallons per day (150 m3/d) up to 600
RollsAIR™ 6.0 60000 US gallons per day (227 m3/d) up to 900
RollsAIR™ 8.0 80000 US gallons per day (300 m3/d) up to 1200
RollsAIR™12.0 120000 US gallons per day (454 m3/d) up to 1900
RollsAIR™ 16.0 160000 US gallons per day (600 m3/d) up to 2500


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Product Certifications

Our products are certified to the highest national and international standards in our industry. If you require additional certification marks, etc, please e-mail your request to

USA and International Product Certifications

The list below is a summary of a few certifications received for the products of Bio-Microbics:

  • All Control Panels – CSA (Canadian Standards Association) Electrical Certification
    CSA International and the International Association of Electrical Inspectors (IAEI), the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI), Health Canada, provincial regulators, and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to promote standards for consumer safety in North America and around the world. CSA testing is accepted by key conformity assessment organizations in the U.S. including IAPMO and ASSE. Tested and meets applicable standards for safety and/or performance, including the applicable standards written or administered by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), Underwriters Laboratories (UL), Canadian Standards Association (CSA), National Sanitation Foundation International (NSF), and others.
  • All Control Panels – CE – European Electrical Systems (including a “Tropical Certification Rating”)
    The European (EN) standards by adopting universal requirements to cover all of Europe and promote the free movement of goods within Europe. When products have been shown to meet the essential requirements of the directive or EN standard the product is available for sale anywhere in the European market.
  • All Control Panels – ETL and RoHS Compliant – Intertek Testing Services
    Evaluated and meets the standard equivalent to the requirements set by Intertek and equivalent to UL (Underwriter’s Laboratories). Periodic checks are performed to assure consistent compliance of the product and in compliance with both Canadian and U.S. requirements.

Recent Business and Technology Awards

  • 2012 President’s “E” Award (USA) for Excellence in Exports
  • 2011 Kansas Governor Exporter of the Year
  • 2011 Frost & Sullivan Technology Innovation Award (Decentralized Commercial Outlets)
  • 2011 New Product of the Year (Recycling) – BioBarrier® MBR System – Environmental Protection Magazine (EPOnline)
  • 2010 North American Technology Innovation Award (Water/Wastewater) – Frost & Sullivan
  • 2009 Exporter of the Year Award, Environmental – ThinkGlobal / Commercial News USA (Official publication of the US Dept. of Commerce)
  • 2009 Technology Merit Business Achievement Award, Water/Wastewater – Environmental Business Journal (EBJ)