Finding, Assessing, Demanding Better Water Management

The Recover® Residential Water Recovery System from BioMicrobics treatment and recycles 30% of gray water usage in the building.  “Recover” even more with the BioBarrier® GWMBR® system! 

Residential onsite water recycling can have significant potential benefits beyond utility bills for homeowners. For example, compared to building conventional water-efficient homes using low-flow fixtures, residences with water recycling systems could use almost half as much water (due to treated greywater being circulated to the toilets), while generating only one-sixth the peak sewage.

The built-in safety features not only protect public health but go beyond the product standard requirements. The systems fall under “water efficiency” sections of “Green-building” Programs.  For municipal systems, greywater treatment and reuse can decrease the water flow and potentially add to the high-strength loading.  A “pretreatment” onsite wastewater systems may also be ideal on large or commercial properties as a more effective water management process; especially for undersized wastewater treatment plants.

Potential BenefitsWorldWaterDay_2017

Water Reuse enables municipalities to decrease displacement and discharge into surface waters, decreasing demand on the local potable watershed. This could lead to lower fees for water rights and sewer tie-in fees for builders, while significantly stretching reduced water allocations.

Ecological water management systems and decentralized residential and commercial wastewater (i.e. blackwater/greywater) treatment technologies can satisfy project goals and provide more opportunities of what to do with the treated water. With a long proven history, these systems have performed exceptionally well in achieving the new higher levels of nitrogen removal, net-zero water goals, and optimal effluent quality with automated, energy efficiency.