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logoBioMicrobics Recover® Greywater Treatment System:  

Greywater can come from drained water from showers, baths, or sinks . Normally, this greywater used once travels through the plumbing mixing with blackwater (from toilets or kitchen sinks) to be combined as the total wastewater accumulated on a property. The combined sources of wastewater then gets treated at municipal sewage treatment plant or with an onsite wastewater treatment system.

If you can capture a portion of the greywater (say from the shower and/or bath drainage) and automatically treat and recycle for toilet flushing, this can conserve the water consumption by up to 30%*! Toilet flushing is the most suitable application for greywater, since in most homes the volume of water used to flush toilets closely matches the volume of greywater produced in a day from bathing. This allows for a smaller tank size since all the greywater generated is used that same day.

The Recover® system captures the greywater instead of leaving the home or building, applies filtration and adds a small amount of chlorine for disinfection. The greywater is then stored in a tank to be used to flush toilets, thus reducing potable water consumption for non-potable uses. The control panel auto-detects toilet leakage*, has an “Away” mode for shut off, an AI feature to learn the behavior of shower to toilet activity of the occupants, and a self-cleaning function of the screen for low maintenance and operation. 

It’s not about the cost of water (although that’s nice too!), it’s the amount of fresh water sources that can be saved due to the volume and frequency of greywater produced and the number of times the toilet is flushed. 


The Recover® Greywater Treatment System has many safety features built in to protect public health. Many of these go beyond the product standard requirements. The smart controller is able to further improve system efficiency and increase user satisfaction with the system:

  • Reduce water usage
  • Toilet Leak Detection (*a potential 12-15% savings!)
  • Auto Away Mode
  • Self-cleaning Filter Procedure
  • Auto Toilet Size Detection
  • Provides Maintenance Reminders

Advantages and Safety Features of the Recover® Greywater Treatment System

  • The Recover® system has many safety features built in to protect public health.  Many of these go beyond the product standard requirements.
  • On the potable water make up connection, the incoming water goes through an approved air gap to prevent any risk of cross connection with the greywater.
  • In addition, the system has an optional blue dye system which will dye the greywater a crystal blue color.  This reduces the risk of cross connections should someone accidentally plumb a greywater line to a fixture such as a sink.
  • The system also has flood protection features which will alarm the user in the event of a high water level in the system or if the pump continues to run after a set maximum run time.

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How the Recover® Benefits You

The operation and features of our current technology, which will segue nicely into the next generation of the product.

How the Recover® System Works

  1. Greywater enters the system from the showers and baths through dedicated drainage piping. The filter removes large debris like hair, lint, dirt and soap suds through a gravity filtration process
  2. The system then chlorinates the water to 2.5 ppm which is sufficient to kill bacteria and maintain freshness, but not so much that you can smell it. After the water has been chlorinated, the filter is cleaned using a high-pressure spray of recycled water which removes the debris to the sanitary drain and sterilizes the screen.
  3. If the system runs out of greywater, there is a potable water connection which automatically supplies make-up water to the tank. The system can detect the size of the toilet tanks by averaging the flush refill volume, and will only add enough water to the tank to flush the toilet once. This reduces potable water use as it prioritizes the use of the greywater.
  4. In the event that there is an excess of greywater, for example, if you have company over and the system received water from 4 or 5 showers within a short period of time, the excess greywater is automatically diverted to the drain.
  5. The system is also able to automatically pump the tank contents to drain. This is done periodically to remove sediment and rinse the tank, as well as to empty the tank if you are away on vacation.

Recover® Control Panel


The smart controller is able to further improve system efficiency and increase user satisfaction with the system. The system can detect if a toilet is leaking into the home through the pump signature.  It can even tell you if it is a flapper leak or a fill valve issue.

If you leave the home and do not flush the toilets or add greywater to the system for 48hrs, it will assume you are away and will go into the auto-away mode. We have also developed a novel way to monitor flow through the filter screen and can tell users if the filter needs to be de-scaled.

As mentioned before, the system can tell what size toilets are in the home (1.3 or 1.6 gallons) and will only add enough potable water to flush the toilet once.  We always want to prioritize the use of potable water. Lastly the system has a comprehensive maintenance and self diagnostics system which will remind users is chlorine is required or if there is an issue with any of the electro-mechanical components such as pumps or solenoid valves:

  • Toilet Leak Detection
  • Auto Away Mode
  • Filter Maintenance
  • Toilet Size Detection
  • Maintenance Reminders

Technical Downloads

Recover® Product Brochures

Recover® Manuals & Technical Aids

Recover Installation & Service Manual Recover® Installation & Service Manual

Recover® Drawing and Specifications

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Product Certifications

Our products are certified to the highest national and international standards in our industry. If you require additional certification marks, etc, please e-mail your request to

USA and International Product Certifications

The list below is a summary of a few certifications received for the products of BioMicrobics:

  • IAPMO (International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials) Research & Testing Inc. – Reclaimed Water Conservation System for Flushing Toilets (Standards CSA B128.1-2006  & CSA B128.2-2006) – Recover® Technology

Independent Third-Party Testing

Verification programs/locations in which BioMicrobics installed a Wastewater Treatment System for analysis of performance:

  • Massachusetts Title 5 General Use – The first system described as an “Innovative and Alternative (I/A) System” to receive the General Use Approval rating for Nitrogen Reduction
  • Florida OWNRS (Onsite Wastewater Nitrogen Reduction Study) Phases I and II
  • New Mexico State/New Mexico University
  • University of Rhode Island
  • Buzzards Bay, MA
  • Ventura County, CA
  • US EPA Environmental Technology Verification Program (ETV), B.C., Canada
  • La Pine, OR
  • Burnette, WA
  • NSF International testing and evaluation for Standard 40, 245, and 350

Recent Business and Technology Awards


  • 2017 North American “Integrated Water Treatment Technology Leadership” Award, Frost & Sullivan
  • 2017 Top 10 Green Building Products, BuildingGreen, Inc.- d-Rain Joint™ Device
  • 2016 President’s “E Star” Award * 2012 President’s “E” Award for Excellence in Exports, granted by President of the United States, presented by US Dept of Commerce
  • 2015 Ingenuity Award Winner, Ingenuity Central @ K-State Olathe, Ingenuity Central (IC) showcases innovative companies that exemplify the newest thinking driving our community & growing our economy.
  • 2015 Innovation in Marine Environmental Technology Offshore Excellence Award, based on environmental impact with marine sanitation devices and technology.
  • 2014 “BEST of GreenBuild” Editor’s Choice Award, U.S. Builder’s Review, “Creating Better Water Treatment Solutions for a Better World…“article.
  • 2012 President’s “E” Award for Excellence in Exports, granted by the U.S. President, presented by the U.S. Department of Commerce
  • 2011 Kansas Governor Exporter of the Year, presented by the Governor of Kansas
  • 2011 North American Technology Innovation Award (Decentralized Commercial Outlets) – Frost & Sullivan
  • 2011 New Product of the Year Award (Recycling) – BioBarrier® MBR System – Environmental Protection (EPOnline)
  • 2010 North American Technology Innovation Award (Water/Wastewater) – Frost & Sullivan
  • 2009 Exporter of the Year Award, Environmental – ThinkGlobal / Commercial News USA (Official publication of the U.S. Dept. of Commerce)
  • 2009 Technology Merit Business Achievement Award, Water/Wastewater – Environmental Business Journal (EBJ)
  • 2002 U.S. Export Achievement Certificate, US Dept. of Commerce, US & Foreign Commercial Service
  • 2000 U.S. EPA Environmental Technology Innovator Award – U.S. EPA, Region 1 – SeptiTech® Technology