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BioMicrobics becomes more than a manufacturer of proven products. It becomes a knowledge base that helps expand what is possible to protect the water sources and our environment for our future generation.  By bringing superior products to emerging markets that utilizes proven, existing technologies in new and innovative ways, we set the standard of excellence for our industry. This simple approach to business is the essence of BioMicrobics, who we are, and the reason for our success … it’s truly part of our culture.

Please click on the LEFT selections. Browse through our resource library to learn more about our advanced home, multi-family residential, or commercial wastewater treatment systems. We work with some of the world’s best wastewater and construction professionals to design a system that will not only meet required local regulations but exceed those standards and expectations.

Check out our S.O.S-Save Our Septic® Program for remediation of a biologically-failed septic system.

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