REMEDIATION or your money back!

How can we help “Save Your Septic”?

The S.O.S.-Save Our Septic® Program provides homeowners peace of mind when upgrading biologically failed septic systems and to prevent future failures. With the RetroFAST® Septic System Enhancement, fix or prevent:

  • Soggy Lawns
  • Foul Odors
  • Plumbing Backups

Guaranteed or your money back! Whether due to age or site issues, the S.O.S.-Save Our Septic® Program identifies an existing septic system’s biological failing situation. Under this program, we are offering a MONEY-BACK warranty. If after one (1) year from the date of startup date, the RetroFAST® Septic System Enhancement does not eliminate the symptoms of the biologically failed system; the owner is entitled to the refund amount of the entire RetroFAST® system.


SOS_Brochure_email_Page_2Why did my Septic System fail?

There could be many reasons why your septic system failed, such as overuse, underuse, age, improper sizing, additives, etc. With only 15-20% of the treatment occurring in the tank in a conventional septic system, the rest is reliant on the drainfield. Furthermore, the untreated water contains an abundance of nitrogen (which promotes the growth of algae and other unwanted autotrophic organisms). Over time, this combination can build a slimy, biomat layer clogging the trench forcing the water to the surface.





Help for Septic SystemsSOS_Brochure_email_Page_3

The EPA-ETV verified RetroFAST® septic system enhancement consistently deliver high levels of treatment (90-95%) in the tank and provide dissolved oxygen (DO) to the drainfield without the use of costly chemicals or additives. The Fixed Integrated Treatment Technology (FITT™) of the FAST® process creates optimal contact between the incoming waste, free oxygen, and biomass. This allows FAST® to maximize pollutant reduction. The dissolved oxygen and highly treated effluent into the failed disposal field to aid in digesting the excessive biomat. With the biomat diminished and the drain field rejuvenated, the soil is free to accept future septic effluent and extend the life of the drain field.


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To contact a local Bio-Microbics distributor, email or have any questions about the S.O.S.-Save Our Septic® Program, please call at 1-800-753-FAST (3278) for further assistance.