Scienco FloCRON Liquid Injection SystemScienco® FloCRON® Liquid Dispensing Injection System provides economic, accurate and reliable dispensing equipment for industrial and food processing markets. FloCRON® systems are widely used for adding such liquids and ingredients as: water, brine, citric acid, calcium chloride, oils and sauces.FloCRON_layout

The major Flocron components, shown in shaded areas: Dispenser Head, Gravity Feed Tank, Photo Lever Assembly (other trigger options are available), Electrical Control Cabinet, Recirculation Pump, and Recirculation Tank.

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The Scienco® FloCRON® is designed to dispense a pre-set amount of viscous liquid into individual cans, jars, pouches, or bottles during the filling process. Scienco® FloCRON® applications are primarily determined by line speed, container opening, amount of liquid dispensed and product viscosity. Ideal uses for dispensing liquids:water / brine solutions

  • liquid citric acid
  • liquid calcium chloride
  • variety of oils
  • variety of sauces

…and more!


The Scienco® FloCRON® is a constant-flow, closed loop system designed to dispense low viscosity materials.

FloCRON®: How It Works

The Flocron unit is a constant flow closed loop system. The product to be dispensed is delivered from a batch tank, to a recirculation tank. The recirculation tank uses a simple stainless steel shut-off valve with float to control the feed from the batching tank. The product is then pumped from the recirculation tank to the gravity feed tank. It then flows by gravity through the dispensing head were the deflector assembly diverts the product into the can or jar when the head is triggered. The flow of product is controlled by a valve on the gravity feed tank and also a nozzle on the dispensing head. Four nozzle sizes are available to regulate flow to the head. Product that was not directed into the container flows back to the recirculation tank and the process is repeated.