Scienco®, in the 1940s, first started as the Scientific Tablet Co. division for G.S. Suppiger Company. In the late 1940s, the Scienco® brand expanded to tablet depositing machines and salt handling products that quickly became the standard for the food industry. See an early 1947 Product Catalog!


Smith & Loveless Inc. was founded as a sales engineering firm representing several manufacturers in the water and wastewater treatment industry. For Smith & Loveless, sales increased rapidly in the 1950s throughout the United States and into Canada.


Morton Salt Company purchased the salt-handling division of G.S. Suppiger Company and formed Scienco® Systems. During this period, new innovations, such as the FloCRON®, Brinemakers (now known as SciBRINE®), Sodium Hypochlorite Generators (now known as SciCHLOR™), and Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems were developed to accommodate an increase in water treatment systems.


The prototype marine FAST® sewage treatment system was installed aboard the towboat M/V Missouri while the vessel was underway.  It was an immediate success.


After years of successful operation aboard three towboats, FAST® unit sales and production began.  Even though there were no Federal rules, towboats operating on the Great Rivers had to meet regulations of the individual States.


The US Coast Guard issued sewage treatment regulations 33 CFR Part 159.  Official testing was done aboard the towboat M/V United States while underway, the FAST® unit passed all tests and FAST obtained USCG certification.


Canada issued their Pollution Prevention Regulations for the Canadian waters of the Great Lakes. A production FAST Model 40D passed all tests with results that were so outstanding that the testing laboratory personnel were amazed. Additional tests were run for US Coast Guard and the results were similarly outstanding


Smith & Loveless, Inc. (S&L) purchased Scienco® Systems and merged it with FAST® Systems into what is now known as Scienco/FAST Systems while serving its diverse markets.  Also, proprietary industrial tablets, known as Mighty Mike™ , were developed for the U.S. Navy to keep ships drains and pipes clear of Calcium and FOG.


Bio-Microbics, Inc. was founded by S&L to develop, manufacture, and market the residential FAST® wastewater treatment systems for the decentralized marketplace.


Bio-Microbics has since become a world leader in manufacturing onsite residential, community, and commercial wastewater and stormwater treatment systems and the two companies were formally joined in 2009.


A production MarineFAST® Model L-3X passed all tests for MARPOL 2010 / MEPC.159(55) with results every bit as outstanding as those achieved in 1978.


*  Test reports are available upon request